How To Approach & Persuade Property Owners

How To Approach & Persuade Property Owners

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Enticing property owners to sell takes time and effort. However, you may invest too much time and resources into this activity, especially when you are “in discussion” with multiple proprietors. Is there an efficient way to automate the conversation and still persuade property owners? YES!

Shadow Properties App allows you to create a mailing template that could be forwarded to multiple property owners via campaigns. Nonetheless, the contents of your mail are crucial as it establishes an initial impression of you. People hold on to their initial perspectives; hence, a slight twist is mandatory to turn things in your favor.

In this post, you will learn what to include in your initial mail to make a great first impression.

Remember two things: first, you are not the only person to send an email or mail to that particular property owner. And second, you are not the last person to be interested in that property. Therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd and ensure that you receive a positive response that drives the conversation to closure.

The message within your mail/email should be personalized enough to make the owner believe that you have done your due diligence and are genuinely interested in buying the property. If you come out as too casual or too formal, the owner might discard the mail and never respond.

There are endless ways to craft a message; in any case, you need to ensure that the owner realizes the following things:

  1. You are serious about buying the property

  2. You do not want to waste their time

  3. You know the current price of the property or at least the market value

  4. You have a strong offer in place that is a win-win for both parties

  5. You are not instilling any form of pressure on the owner and giving enough time to evaluate the offer or come up with a counter-offer

  6. You are crystal clear with your intentions, and you describe what each party will receive after the contracts are signed

When your message includes all the above-listed points, it will be hard for any genuine seller to overlook your mail.

In a hypothetical scenario, suppose you are interested in a 2BHK flat in Denver owned by John that is currently on the market for $350,000, and its previous sale price was $300,000. Use the 6 points listed above and draft a message convincing John to proffer you a response. Here’s a template you can use:

Hi John,

My name is ___________, I am        (Define your profession)___

I am currently looking for a 2BHK flat and came across your property. This property is exactly what I have been looking for; I would like to propose an offer for the same.

I understand that many people may have reached out to you, claiming to buy the property. You may already have a few offers in hand. However, I noticed that the property is currently on sale for $350,000, and I would like to offer you __________ (define your offer.)

My purpose behind buying this property is _________________

I want to give you some time to go through the offer again. I will contact you after three days, and we can discuss this further. Moreover, I have done my best to place a fair offer before you; however, I am open to negotiations if you have any counter-offers.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about me or my past purchases, here’s my contact information, _________________________; you can schedule a call between 10 am to 4 pm. I am looking forward to a positive response.

Your Name



Company name

The template mentioned above could be reused with slight variations. You can customize the message accordion to your needs or create a new message altogether.

Shadow Properties App can help you turn this text into an automated template that can be forwarded to multiple property owners.

For more information on how to convert your message into an automated Shadow template, visit our website:


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