6 Reasons Why You Must Use The Shadow Properties App To Grow Your Real Estate Business

6 Reasons Why You Must Use The Shadow Properties App To Grow Your Real Estate Business

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Shadow Properties App is the ultimate real estate management CRM and a dream of every competent realtor and investor. It is equipped with striking features, a seamless interface, and power-packed functionalities for you and your entire team. In this article, we will disclose six prominent reasons why you must use the Shadow properties App as your go-to CRM for real estate business.

Why Realtors Must Use CRM in Business

Realtors can benefit significantly from using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like Shadow Properties. Here are some reasons to highlight:

  • Streamlining Communication: Realtors must regularly communicate with clients, colleagues, and vendors. A CRM can help keep all communication organized and in one place, making it easier to manage and respond to inquiries.

  • Centralizing Client Data: A CRM allows realtors to store all client information in one central location—this makes it easy to access information about clients, such as their contact information, preferences, and transaction history.

  • Automated Marketing: A CRM can help automate marketing efforts, such as sending out newsletters, follow-up emails/mails, and other client communication—saving time and helping them keep clients engaged.

  • Managing Transactions: A CRM can help realtors manage transactions, including tracking deadlines, sending reminders, and organizing paperwork. This helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks during a transaction.

  • Analyzing Data: A CRM can help realtors analyze data, such as sales trends and client behavior. This can help realtors make better business decisions and identify areas for improvement.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Shadow Properties Real Estate App <br />

A CRM can help realtors save time, stay organized, and improve business operations. By leveraging the features of a CRM, realtors can build stronger relationships with their clients and grow their businesses.

6 Reasons To Install Shadow Properties App Today

#1: Complete all-in-one Business App

Shadow Properties App is developed as a complete stand-alone CRM software for realtors and investors. Once you’ve signed up, you won’t need any other app to support your business. Unlike other apps that excel in specific functionalities and force you to create accounts on multiple platforms, Shadow Properties incorporates every function or feature a realtor might ever need into one seamless interface. Moreover, additional features are constantly being added to future-proof your business. The choice is simple, do you want to save the login credentials of 10 apps or let one App save your entire business?

#2: Accurate functionalities

Shadow Properties App is currently equipped with 16 premium features that assist you in everything you need—right from finding potential properties to closing massive deals. You gain access to property owner’s contact information; you can categorize and manage 9000 properties a month, send emails and mails to sellers, work seamlessly with your team, share shortlisted properties with interested buyers, and analyze every part of your business. These 16 features help you establish, manage and grow your real estate business from your phone.

#3: Powerful yet affordable

You might be wondering that an App this powerful might cost you an arm and a leg, but NO! Shadow properties App is an affordable customer-centric subscription-based business that only costs $99 a month for a solo account and $299 a month for a team account. We do not lure you in with affordable prices and then charge for every other service. You only pay for the subscription plan, and that’s it! The entire App is open to you and gives you unlimited access to each premium feature.

#4: Free trial and live support

Shadow Properties App is confident in its power and offers you a distinct 7-day free trial with no prior commitment. Start your subscription only after you fall in love with its availability and ease of use. Furthermore, our team of experts is available to you 24x7x365. If you have any questions or issues, you can chat with us live from our website or contact us via email from our “contact us” page—we generally respond within 24 hours.

#5: Request custom features

The one feature that distinguishes Shadow Properties from its rivals, regardless of the affordable prices and powerful functionalities, is our customer-first mindset. We have introduced a unique feature called “Feature Request,” which allows you to demand any feature that you may desire. There is a special section in the App where you can describe the function required in your real estate business and share it with us. The feature works on a priority voting mechanism, meaning the request that is voted the most will be implemented and availed first—this allows the App to evolve with you and be your life-long companion rather than a temporary tool.

#6: Multi-platform availability

Shadow Properties App provides you with a seamless multi-platform experience. Our App is available on Android, IOS, and the web. Regardless of where you are or which platform you use, you can continue to monitor your team and analyze your business.

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Shadow Properties gives you everything with nothing to lose. Try the App for 7 days absolutely free, and make a choice when you’re ready. Download Shadow Properties App today and give it a go! For more information, visit our official website: https://shadow.properties/

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