11 Ways To Get Access to Contact Information of Property Owners as a Broker in the USA

11 Ways To Get Access to Contact Information of Property Owners as a Broker in the USA

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Brokers are always searching for the next home, apartment, office, mansion, etc. The idea behind getting more properties in your portfolio is to increase your odds of making a sale and, eventually, profit. Therefore, to get approved properties in your portfolio, you first need to acquire the contact information of the property owners. In this article, we will share 11 ways you can get the email or phone numbers of potential property owners.

The Need for Seller’s Contact Information

As a broker getting contact information from property owners is critical for several reasons. It can lead to several things; here are a few reasons why you must go above and beyond to acquire genuine seller’s information:

  • Access to potential leads: Having the contact information of property sellers provides brokers with access to potential leads and allows them to initiate the sales process.

  • Building a client base: By establishing contact with property sellers, brokers can start building a client base that they can work with over time.

  • Competitive advantage: Obtaining the contact information of property sellers before other brokers can give a competitive advantage in securing listings and closing deals.

  • Ability to follow up: Contact information allows brokers to follow up with property sellers and keep them informed about new listings, market trends, and other relevant information.

  • Enhance credibility: By having contact information and reaching out to potential clients, brokers can establish themselves as credible professionals in the industry.

  • Improve marketing efforts: Contact information of property sellers can be used to improve marketing efforts and target specific demographics or neighborhoods.

  • Greater control over the sales process: When brokers have the contact information of property sellers, they have more control over the sales process and can guide it more effectively.

  • Establish trust: By establishing contact and building relationships with property sellers, brokers can establish trust and increase the likelihood of closing a deal.

  • Ability to customize services: Contact information allows brokers to customize their services to the specific needs and preferences of the property seller.

  • Increase revenue: Obtaining the contact information of property sellers can lead to more closed deals, which in turn increases the revenue and success of the brokerage.

Best Ways to Get Seller’s Contact

The benefits of building a seller’s portfolio are endless. Now that you understand how it can benefit you, here are 11 ways to obtain a client’s contact information:

  1. Online real estate marketplaces: Search real estate marketplaces like Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com for properties matching your criteria. You can often find the seller’s or agent’s contact information on these websites.

  2. Social media: Use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to search for property owners in your area. You can also use these platforms to connect with other real estate professionals who may have leads.

  3. Referrals: Ask your current clients or other professionals in your network for referrals to potential property sellers.

  4. Shadow Properties App: It is an all-in-one real estate management CRM that gives you access to thousands of properties along with their seller’s information. Using the smart search feature, you can fetch the property owner’s email address, phone number, and mailing address within seconds. No need to waste time browsing online listing websites and running ads on social media. It also provides an efficient way to manage your entire real estate business from a single app.

  5. Public records: Search public records, including property tax records, to find the owners of properties in your area.

  6. Direct mail: Send direct mail campaigns to property owners in your target area. Be sure to include your contact information and a clear call to action.

  7. Networking events: Meet potential property sellers in person at local networking events, such as the chamber of commerce meetings or real estate investor clubs.

  8. Cold calling: Make cold calls to property owners in your target area. Be prepared to provide information about your services and explain how you can help them sell their property.

  9. Door knocking: Knock on doors in your target area to introduce yourself and see if the property owners are interested in selling.

  10. Online advertising: Use online advertising platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to target property owners in your area with ads that offer your services.

  11. Purchase contact lists: You can purchase contact lists of property owners from companies that specialize in providing real estate data. Be sure to verify the accuracy of the data before making any purchases.


Building a portfolio of property owners is crucial, as it helps the broker generate leads, build a portfolio of sellers, enhance credibility, and establish trust. Therefore, obtaining the accurate contact information of property owners is possible through cold calling, attending networking events, advertising online, social media, and online marketing websites. However, one of the effortless ways to get a property owner’s email, phone number, and address is through Shadow Properties App. Currently, Shadow Properties App is giving you a 7-day free trial—download the app today and let it take your business to new heights.

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